Introducing the Community Action Map (CAM)

Looking for where the action is around campus?  Short on time and money, but looking for a way to eat, laugh or give back to the community and recharge? Well, look no further!  The Community Action Map is a one-stop shop for students to find locally owned businesses, volunteer opportunities and other points of interest in Southwest Baltimore.

Click the image above to access the map

All resources on the map are within walking distance to campus or are easily accessible by free transportation from campus (Charm City Circulator or UM Shuttle).  The for-profit enterprises on the map aren’t just awesome, they’re locally owned and anchor wealth here in Southwest Baltimore–there are no national chains or out-of-town headquarters.

The Community Action Map is the product of the CAN’s Map Project Team (Summer 2013):

Jonathan Law, Chair
Bill Joyner
Heather Kangas
Tali Vodovis


CAN Meeting Schedule 2013-2014


Date Meeting Time Location
9/13/13 Fall Opening 12:15 p.m. 3E08
10/11/13 Meeting 2 12:15 p.m. 3E08
11/8/13 Meeting 3 12:15 p.m. 3E08
12/13/13 End of Semester Celebration 12:15 p.m. 3E08
1/10/14 Spring Opening 12:15 p.m. TBD
2/14/14 Meeting 6 12:15 p.m. TBD
3/14/14 Meeting 7 12:15 p.m. TBD
4/11/14 Meeting 8 12:15 p.m. TBD
5/9/14 End of Year Celebration 12:15 p.m. TBD

Fall Events

Date Event
9/9/13 Social Justice & Social Work Event (co-sponsor)
09/10/13 Pigtown Trash Mob & Cookout (co-sponsor)
10/26/13 Coffee with a Cause